Mark-1 General Purpose Simulator Cockpit

This site contains both a brief history as well as some technical tips that may be useful to others building aircraft simulator cockpits.  My cockpit is not specific to one simulator or aircraft, working with FS2004, Falcon 4, and Lockon Modern Air Combat.  It has already has had its first major overhaul, tidying up the cable plant and bringing the electronics into two areas of the pit.  As part of the overhaul the code has been modified to support Lomac, which now supports data exporting via LUA.
FS2004 in flight Falcon 4 in flight At Night

Components of the pit.


The frame is made up of welded Light-weight aluminum square tubing, and an adjustable car seat.

Systems and Software

As no one product yet meets everything I want to do the cockpit is made up of:
1. Simkits gauges.
2. Phidgets I/O controllers, Led driver, TextLCD, and 4 Port Servo driver.
3. X-keys USB keyboard emulator
4. Goflight radio and switch stacks
5. F4 Glass for Falcon 4 (and now Lomac instruments)
6. Freefd for FS2004 Glass instruments
7. FSUIPC Peter Dowsons interface for add-ons to Flight Simulator

Technical Tips

Getting Keystrokes into the Simulator

LEDs, Lights, and Gauges

Programming the simulator