First Mass
Tony celebrating his First Mass, 24 March 1961
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Tony deMello, SJ - a short biography by Bill deMello

Following this short e-biography I had posted on the internet in the year 2000, I have written and published a comprehensive biography about my brother Tony, entitled: Anthony deMello SJ, The Happy Wanderer. A tribute to my Brother. Launched in Tony's hometown, Mumbai India 22nd April 2012, the book is currently available(Hard bound) from my Indian Publisher, Gujarat Sahitya Prakash (official publisher of Tony's books in India).

Please, if you are interested to obtain a copy immediately, write to and follow instructions they give you.

The book will also be available to the rest of the world from March 1, 2013( Paperback), through Orbis Books, USA. Reserve your advance copy by logging onto the following link at Amazon books

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