Realities, Life and Religions



The biggest reality of our life is Death.  Everyone has to die one day.  We had no existence 150 years ago.  There were some other people before us and we will not exist after about 150 years.  Some other people will replace us.  No matter how long we live but itís a must thing that we all have to die one day, one by one or collectively.  We can ignore it or ignore ourselves but itís the most real thing in the world.  Our existence on this planet of earth is limited.  But life stage starting directly after our death is a NEVER ENDING life.  One day our soul will be lifted up from this planet of earth and our stay on this planet will finish.  But our life stage starting after death will never have any end.  It will be a forever life and an infinite life and religions tell us how to make that EVER LASTING life as a permanent peaceful place and to be successful in that forever life.


God has sent His prophets and messengers among human to deliver His message through His messengers to other human.  Prophets came in different times in different regions.  They delivered same message but after them their followers labeled themselves as the follower of different religions.



God is someone who is the main creator and controller of each and everything, every universe and everything in each universe.  Everything other than Him is His creature and He does not have any blood relation with any of His creature, as everything other than Him is His creature.  All the universes, stars, galaxies, skies and everything in them all livings and non livings are His creatures and He is the main controller, the main decision maker and feeder of everything and everyone.  He makes final decision of deaths and lives.  All the material and non-material things are only means.



God sent about 125000 prophets in different times and different regions.  They were all human and their only duty was to deliver the message of God to other fellow humans while actually acting themselves upon that.  Fist one was Adam and last one is Mohammad (pbuh).  Ibrahim (Abraham), Ismaeel, Ishaq (Isaac), Yaqoob (Jacob), Daood (David), Yahya, Noah , Soleman (Solomon), Mosa (Moses), Issa (Jesus), Mohammad (PBUH) they are all prophets of God and they all delivered Godís message to other humans in their times.  Why God sent made some human as prophets was because people used to worship statues and idols and used to believe that those statues or some other human, moon, sun, cow, monkey, snake or some other animals or idols were their God.  Wherever some people didnít not even believe the fact there is someone who has created and is controlling everything and decision and one day we will be standing in front of Him answering about our believes and deeds.  Prophets were sent to tell these people about the reality of our, our final destination and the way to make that destination successful.  Some of these were awarded with Holly books and holly scriptures.  Holly books are direct Gods words and verses for humans, sent through His angels to some prophets. 


Holly Books

There are four holly books, Zaboor, Torah, Injeel, (bible) and Quran and there were some holly scriptures too.  First Holly book was Zaboor sent through Daood (David) the father of soleman (Solomon).  Everyone at that time was asked to follow Zaboor but with the passage of time Zaboor lost its originality and now a days only its name is know.  Then after some time Mosa (Moses)  was sent on ĎBanni Israelí and was honored to present Holly book of Torah.  Everyone was asked to follow Torah and teachings of Mosa (Moses) at that time as it was the most current and unchanged version of Godís message.  With the passage of time, people started changing Torah and started calling themselves as jews. So Torah lost its originality.  Many people remained same and did not or partially accepted or change lot of things in Godís message and started calling themselves as Hidus and Buddas to saying and believing the hand made statues as their Godís even some animals like cows, even sun and moon as their Gods.


Then after few hundred years, Issa (Jesus) came and was honored to present the Holly book Injeel and everyone was asked to follow Issa (Jesus) and Injeel as it was the most current and unchanged version of Godís message but again with the passage of time, people started changing Injeel  and started calling themselves as Christians. So Injeel lost its originality even its original name.  People started using the name Bible and now days there are many versions of Bible.  Every pop change according to his will and so it lost its originality.


Then after some time Mohammad (PBUH) came as the last prophet of God and was honored to present Quran as the last Holly book of God and it certifies all the other holly books, scriptures and prophets.  Everyone was asked to follow Quran as it was and still is the most current and unchanged version of Godís message.  Till now Quran is in 100% original for.  Not even a single character in Quran has ever been altered or changed by any human involvement.  Followers of Quran are called Muslims. 


All these holly books have same level of respect.  The only difference is that books that have been altered or still being altered and changed by humans, we do not know what were the original and real words from God.  So, I personally think and recommend that its better that we follow something thatís is 100% in original form exactly as it was sent by God and that is Quran.  Quran certifies all the other holly books and narrates the stories of all many prophets and nations and tells us the same base message as well as detail about what should we do to make our never-ending life peaceful.


Current World Disasters

Whatever is happening in the world and all the wars are because of cruel politics of the world.  Some cruel politicians are doing bloodshed, creating wars and killing humanity just because of money, piece of land or because of some other greediness and blaming it onto religions.  We need to stop hate and create humbleness and respect of everyone and every believe.  Hate will only end to a fight and then possibly a chained revenge that might continue to deadly wars.



The main base to make our ever lasting life peaceful and successful and the main message that God has sent to us through His prophets and holly books in brief is:

ß               To believe that there is only ONE GOD who is the sole creator, controller and feeder of every one. 

ß               To believe that from Adam to Mohammad (pbuh) including Ibrahim, Daood (David), Noh (Noha), Soleman (Solomon), Mosa (Moses), Issa (Jesus), they are all Prophets of God.

ß               To have a believe that Mohammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of God and there is no prophet after him.

ß               To believe in the truthfulness of all Holly books (Torah, Zaboor, Injeel (bible), Quran as being the direct Godís words or verses.

ß               To believe in the Day of Judgment when all of us each and every person will be asked for his/her deeds, acts and believes.  All the personal and interpersonal acts of us even our thinking are also being recorded and will be show and we will be asked for them in the day of judgment even for each and every second that we have spend in this world.


I personally will recommend that Quran as it is the only book left in its 100% originality, while having the same respect for all Godís holly books we should follow Quran as it explains in detail about all the facts, realities and what and how we should do to make our ever lasting life successful.


I think we should pray for each and every person to go to Heaven, as it is the best and permanent place.  No one can afford the hell fire.  No one.  We should have respect for humanity and love for each and everyone as a human.  Wherever we can and however we can we should help others in problems.  We should also give others whatever right and good possible knowledge we have.  

As there is no prophet after Mohammad (pbuh) the duty of prophets has been transferred to all of us.  Each and every person of us have a duty to himself/herself have the believe and follow the commandments of God and also tell it to others with respect and wisdom.   Itís our duty just to tell others about these and pray for others but the results are not in our hands. 






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