Stargate 2010

Or, how to entertain an audience with nothing more than a stress ball, a lollipop, lip balm, and a cordless microphone

by Joel, el presidente

(Warning: lots o' images)

On Saturday the sixth of March 2010, Bethany and I attended the Stargate convention held by The Hub Productions in the Sir John Clancy auditorium at UNSW. Here's a brief synopsis of the day, with pretty pictures. In attendance were:

The day consisted mostly of Q&A sessions with guests in small groups (not really sure what the rest of them did when they weren't on) but it also included a whole bunch of vendor stalls in the lobby (which, incidentally, marked Jason Palmer's only appearance) as well as professional photographs, an auction, and autograph signing. Tickets weren't exactly cheap - $150 was the standard rate, up to $900 for VIP and $1800 for "platinum" (very, very important person?) - and autographs and photographs with the actors costing extra. Upwards of $30 extra. Each. But I reasoned that this sort of thing ain't gonna happen often, and I want to go to at least one in my lifetime, so this one seems as good as any. We advertised it at O-Week, but most people were put off by the price tag. Oh well.

On a side note, yeah, the page itself is cheap and nasty, but the point here is just to do an easy write-up with pretty pictures in only a short amount of time. Anyway, now to start with the pretty pictures.


Liz starting the day

The day kicked off at 8:30 in the morning - I turned up at eight, and there was already a queue stretching to High Street. I stood in the queue a while making conversation, until one of the ushers came by to check for tickets, and told me since I had mine already, I could just go in the express lane. I was in seat K25, which isn't too far back, but was a bit over to one side - Bethany was in O row, which is much further back, but she was only a seat or two from the centre of the row. Ah well. In any case, the photo above gives you an idea of where I was. I took over two hundred photos, hoping that there'd be enough to get five or six good ones. Couldn't use the flash (too far from the stage) so most of them are a bit blurry.


This is Liz, our MC. She spent a while at the start entertaining us by reading out the rules and Stargate-themed trivia questions. I've done nothing to these photos save scale them to one-fifth the size so they're not too big, which gives you an idea of how powerful my camera's zoom is - but enough about the camera. Anyway, one of the rules was that noone was to go on the stage - amusingly (considering she's shorter than I am) she promised to tackle anyone who dared to set even one foot on it. As a kiwi, she explained, she's good at rugby. And to be honest, I can believe that - she's got quite a powerful throw, able to accurately throw a box of smarties to about as far as my row (though I didn't manage to put my hand up first in the trivia in order to win any, boo. I knew all the answers too). Unfortunately, we never got to put her tackling skills to the test. =)

Following the introduction, the first event was for people to get photographs taken of themselves with the actors. These were somewhat expensive, so I didn't buy any. Plus I always turn out bad in photos. I was almost tempted, though, if only for the chance to rub elbows. This turned out to be Julie Caitlin Brown's sole appearance the whole day, and since the photos were done backstage somewhere, she never even entered the auditorium proper. I later discovered she was present as the actors' manager, simply offering herself for photos as a service to fans (but unable to spare the time to do a Q&A or autographs) - I'd actually seen her on stage later on, but didn't recognise her as Julie Caitlin Brown (probably cause I've never watched Babylon 5), only as a generic "The Manager" person.

Michael Shanks interview

While people were outside getting their photos taken, they entertained the rest of us with blooper reels, interview videos, behind-the-scenes videos and trivia. Liz apparently wrote these trivia questions the night before, and included such questions as "What's the Goa'uld name for the Stargate?" (Chappa'ai) and "In 'The Gamekeeper', what traumatic event is Daniel forced to relive?" (the death of his parents). I flailed my hand for most of them, but didn't get noticed. That's what you get for being in K row, I guess. =Þ The volume on the video was turned up painfully loud, so much so that I could easily hear what was being said with my fingers in my ears.

Unfortunately, the photograph session ran badly, painfully over time. Turns out the majority of the room wanted a photograph with Richard Dean Anderson, and there's only one of him to go around. Liz admitted that "perhaps" they'd sold too many photograph tokens - considering the two-hour photograph session ran for three hours, I'm not sure "perhaps" is quite the word. They did a hasty rescheduling, leaving us with less time for the Q&A sessions and lunch, which I was a bit disgruntled about. Especially when they allocated twenty minutes for lunch, but started it ten minutes late.

Q&A 1 - Christopher Judge and Dan Shea

Dan's Arrival

Dan and Chris

These two guys were absolutely hilarious. I mean, Dan Shea had barely been on stage ten seconds and he already had the audience in hysterics. They introduced each guest with some sort of fan-made music video - I'm not sure where they came from, but they were all done in different styles, so I'm thinking they're the results of some sort of contest, or they were just stolen straight off the internet.

Topless Dan

Knuckle pushups

Dan's first trick was to strip off his shirt and challenge Chris to knuckle push-ups. Asking guests to remove shirts is explicitly forbidden in the rules for delegates, but apparently it's ok if the guests ask each other. Who woulda thunk? Anyway, Chris won. I think.


Rest in peace, Steve's acting career

Once re-shirted and sitting down, they then proceeded to keep us rolling in the aisles for the entirely of the Q&A session. Dan opened with a very physical demonstration on why it's important to get the technobabble right - apparently, messing up marks the end of your acting career, if you're a bit-parter whose sole line is this stream of technobabble. Some girl near the front asked a question about Chris getting whacked in the face with the door in 'Window of Opportunity' (Too many takes, he said. And the door guy took way too much pleasure in it). He also talked for a bit about the fun things they got to do in that episode, most of which were RDA's idea right on the spot - "let's try pottery now" for example - causing the props department to have to run all over the place.

I got to ask a question, asking Dan whether or not the Sergeant Siler character was his idea, which caused him to launch into an absolutely hilarious tirade against my (perceived) slight against his acting abilities. (Eventually he admitted he'd auditioned for the part, but almost missed out because he tried to be funny - which would be real ironic, considering he'd already been the stunt coordinator on the show for the last year).

I don't really remember the rest of the questions, but I do remember laughing my head off the entire time. Chris delivered Teal'c's "Indeed" catchphrase to a round of applause, and revealed that it came about because he spent most of the first five seasons drunk and so unable to remember the lines he was supposed to be giving. Dan talked about his mobile phone going off during one of RDA's important scenes, who later returned the favour. Chris also recounted a story about attending the Star Trek launch party, but being too shy to go and shake hands with William Shatner or Leonard Nimoy. Hoping he'd have better luck with Zachary Quinto - who was also a TV actor - Chris was surprised to discover that Quinto was taller than him, and still chickened out. Chris couldn't remember the names of the character Quinto played in Heroes, but the audience was happy to tell him, which gave him great pleasure when he realised it was Sylar (pronounced almost the same as Siler, Dan's character, though I'm not sure if he realised it was spelt differently). He had us repeat it to Dan a few times.

The rule was no cameras after the first five minutes (though admittedly they'd generally all finished their antics by the five-minute mark, and were just sitting quietly in their seats for the rest... except for when Chris got up to demonstrate not shaking hands with Leonard Nimoy) - Liz would deliver the announcement at the five minute mark, then vanish quietly into the shadows until it was time to end the session. Unfortunately, there were more people who wanted to ask questions in every session than there was time to answer. I almost missed out - despite making eye contact with the usher with the mic and him actually coming over to where I was, he gave it to someone else, but I'd also managed to attract Chris' attention, and he specifically pointed me out for the next question. Yay. =)

Anyway, Liz eventually emerged from the shadows and shooed Dan and Chris off the stage. Aww.

Q&A 2 - Ben Browder, Claudia Black and Gigi Edgley


Ben and Claudia

Ben and Claudia started off just a funny as Chris and Dan, but turned to more sober matters reasonably quickly. On arrival, they discovered a pile of pamphlets for Commonwealth-Supported Positions (the new-fangled equivalent of HECS) on the lectern. No idea what the pamphlets were doing there, but they each took one - Claudia admitting she used to be a student at UNSW (to a smattering of cheering and applause) before dropping out to become a successful actor (to widespread laughter) but was considering returning for a full degree, while Ben revealed he was considering sending his kids here, yay. Ben also discovered Liz's trivia questions and attempted to test us, only to flub - reading out "What's the Goa'uld name for the Chappa'ai?" Whoops. There was a lot of support for Claudia (and later Gigi) being Australian - Ben did a "can I get a hell yeah?" and got a reasonably loud response, while Claudia shouted "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie" and got a thunderous "Oi! Oi! Oi!" in reply. And smirked.

Anyway, they talked for a while about the differences between Farscape and Stargate for them, using metaphors of Farscape being a newborn baby versus Stargate being a child adopted at the age of twelve. They also talked a bit on what it was like being the newcomers to Stargate - as Ben put it, "we were adopted, and they weren't afraid to let us know". Paraphrasing a bit, of course. One person also posed a question about Ben being in RDA's shadow ("You're not competing with others" replied Claudia, "only yourself").

Gigi enters!


After a little while, Gigi came in - Liz presented her as a special surprise guest, which was a little odd considering her name and face had been on the screen since the start. Anyway, the conversation quickly turned to Farscape. Gigi admitted to playing up Chiana in her first appearance, thinking she'd only be in the one episode, only to wind up having to play her exaggerated body motions for four years. Ben got a bit teary-eyed that there were so many Farscape fans in the room - he'd only met two during the filming - only for one woman in the audience to (rather callously, I thought) remind him that it was a Stargate convention. That was somewhat uncalled for, considering a great number of us were Farscape fans too, possibly even the majority.

There were some questions on the Farscape webisodes (probably not gonna happen under the current economic climate) and future work for the three of them (Gigi was quick to plug Rescue Special Ops, while Claudia is looking for a lighter role now that she has children, and Ben is unemployed). Then there was a question about Ben working with (I quote) "very hot Australian actresses" (the Australian part got a rousing cheer) despite being married, which got some amusing commentary about Ben's wife (Francesca Buller) landing four guest roles on Farscape in order to stalk him, and Claudia recounting an anecdote about her (then) fiancee visiting the set only to watch a scene involving Ben kissing Claudia.

Unfortunately, time eventually ran out, and Liz came back to send them back to their cages, and sent us all to lunch.


Like I said before, twenty minutes were allocated for lunch, but it started ten minutes late, leaving us just ten minutes. I spent all of that in the lunch queue - I should have just gone to look for a vending machine and gotten some chips, really (though the lasagna I got was real tasty). Lunch was followed by the auction, which I wanted to attend, but wasn't expecting to be able to buy anything. I walked in just in time to hear the last item sell for $350, which only affirmed my expectations. There was some quite interesting stuff up for auction, too - replicator blocks, bugs from 'The Scourge', an Ori Supergate control crystal, lots of costumes, signed photographs, a brick of weapons-grade naquadah. The full list even included part of the Atlantis Stargate and a chair back reading "Michael Shanks", but Bethany told me not everything was put up for sale (some things were being saved for the Melbourne convention the next day).

Q&A 3 - Connor Trinneer and David Nykl

Connor and David


Connor and David represented something of a return to the funny after the more serious session with the Farscapers, opening with David launching himself into the crowd to shake hands, leaving Connor up on stage feeling a bit like the latter in a good cop/bad cop pair. Unfortunately, most of the more exciting photos in this batch (including one of David shaking hands) are also the more blurry ones, so you just get photos of them in chairs. David, incidentally, is Canadian with Czech background, so his normal accent is a standard Canadian accent.

Connor's bemusement at playing two characters who both wound up dead by the end of their respective series (Trip in Enterprise and Michael in Atlantis) turned into a sort of running joke, with Connor often following up a detailed answer from David with "and I'm dead". For example, on a question about the possibility of an Atlantis movie, and whether Zelenka would be in it, David gave an answer detailing that he was in the script, but currently it's not looking likely that a movie will be made, and then Connor threw in "I'm dead" to great amusement.

The cancellation of Atlantis caught David completely by surprise, and Connor said that Joe Flannigan (Shepherd) and Jason Momoa (Ronon Dex) were similarly surprised. David still doesn't know the reasons why (though suspected the magic number of 100 episodes, enough for syndication, might have something to do with it) and also explained that those same reasons might work against an Atlantis movie. He also talked for a bit about doing special-effects shots, like spacewalks in very expensive and accurate EVA suit props which he said the crew had found the plans for on the internet ("build your own spaceship" he said. "").

More Connor and David

Even more

It's this point in the proceedings where questions to guests started to get a little strange - perhaps the audience was starting to loosen up a bit, I don't know. In any case, Connor got subjected to a barrage of questions about whether it was hard to keep Trip and Michael apart in his mind (not hard, cause Trip's dead), or Michael and himself, or whether he'd ever gone out in public wearing full Wraith makeup, which triggered an impromptu demonstration of Connor's inner Wraith, and a visit to McDonalds (which, he then added, had never happened). He'd often give a big rambling and hilarious description for an answer to a question, and finish with "actually, none of that was true".

Connor was amused when one person told him that some magazine (don't recall which) had voted him the hottest Wraith. Another person brought up the body-swapping episode in SG-1 ('Holiday') and asked which other character the actors wouldn't mind playing - David reminded the asker that Atlantis had done something similar in 'Duet', then Connor misunderstood the question slightly, and replied that he'd like to be in Teyla's body (smirk smirk). Somewhat amusing, but not exactly what you'd expect to hear at a convention. =Þ

They continued along on that vein for a little while, but were eventually dragged off.

Q&A 4 - David Blue

I'm in Star Wars now?

David Blue

David Blue was a bit different to the rest - unlike everyone who had come before, he was a big fan of Stargate (and indeed sci-fi in general) before Universe was even a twinkle in Brad Wright's eye, having watched every single episode. While Ben Browder said he had watched all eight seasons of SG-1 before starting his role ("I freaked out the producers by watching every episode" he said, "and my family by doing it in two weeks") everyone basically said that as an actor, they don't really have the time to be fans. So as a pre-established (and self-titled) geek, he was basically one of us. And he was so funny.

David Blue's introductory video was set to the Star Wars theme (a reference to a line his character delivers in the sixth episode of Universe about an ice planet they gated to being in the Hoth system) causing him a bit of confusion - "I'm in Star Wars now?" he muttered as he came out. He opened with something of a snort at Channel Ten showing only a few episodes of Universe before canceling - he asked the audience how many had seen the series, and maybe ninety percent of the room put up their hands. Then he said "let me rephrase: how many have seen the series legally?" - only about ten percent of the hands went up, accompanied by waves of slightly guilty laughter. He knew, though. He was one of us, you see. =)

More David

Even more David

David talked for a bit about becoming an actor and being a geek, and a bit on attending Comiket to promote Universe. He told us he'd be happy with just four people in the front row shouting "hey, you suck!" but was astounded to see a roaring crowd of thousands. He refused to drop any spoilers - "I'm very anti-spoiler" he said. "If anyone spoils anything in Lost for me, I'll stab them with a rusty spoon", which got some cheers - but was happy to give some teasers about the second half of the first season (due to air in America in April). He also revealed that filming for the second season was due to start the next week, which got a round of applause.

He also commented on what it was like to work with an experienced professional actor like Robert Carlyle ("acting with him makes all of us better" he said). David also said that in his opinion, the Stargate is the single coolest prop in all television. I don't remember much more (guess I was running out of brain HD space by this point), but I do remember it being funny.

Q&A 5 - Richard Dean Anderson


Empties his pockets

Richard Dean Anderson was clearly the one most people had been waiting for - the row in front of me was almost empty during David Blue's talk, only to suddenly fill up when RDA came in. Pssh. Anyway, he got rousing applause on entry. He started by admitting he'd gained forty pounds (like we hadn't already noticed from his appearance in the Universe pilot) due to assorted surgeries. And retirement. He then proceeded to empty his pockets into a semi-neat pile on the stage - producing a camera, a stress ball, lollipops, lip balm (or maybe it was nasal spray - he used it at one point, but I wasn't really watching, for some reason) a few bits of paper, some pens - causing someone a few seats from me to shout "are you going to make something?" which got a good laugh from the audience.

Anyway, RDA's session is when the questions really started to get odd. I don't know if people were overwhelmed by his awesomeness, but the questions started to get rambling, pointless, or even downright incomprehensible. The session opened with a long rambling question about the Furlings - I've no idea what the intention of the question was (maybe to get RDA to spill some beans on them?) but he had no idea what the person was talking about. I guess it had been a while for him since the Furlings last got mentioned, and he seemed generally at a loss when it came to remembering names, often requiring prompting from audience members. RDA also seemed to have a strange habit of rubbing the microphone on his chin and neck while listening to questions or thinking, which didn't really look pretty, and produced a bit of a rasping sound at times. He also played with his stress ball on occasion, too.

In any case, the question was hurriedly modified to "what's your favourite O'Neillism?" to which he replied "... what?" and a description of the wonders of the comic pause, and how it was daring of the producers in the first few seasons to let him have that pause. His "for crying out loud" was more of a "Minnesota-ism" he admitted, though delivered a great "ya think?" when audience members reminded him of that particular catchphrase.

Fangirl Gigi

Fanboy Dan

At different points during RDA's session, Gigi and Dan wandered back in to watch. Dan was RDA's stunt double through all of SG-1, so I'd imagine they have some sort of working relationship, but I'm thinking Gigi was there as a fan. Plus, I think she had a boyfriend sitting in the audience. In any case, Dan parked himself on a spare seat and did a bit of heckling, which caused quite a bit of amusement - like most of the more interesting photos, the ones I have of Dan heckling are all blurry.

Later on, a smallish kid (maybe eight or ten) sitting in the front row got up to use the bathroom or something, accidentally attracting RDA's attention in the process, who then drew the whole audience's attention to him. Poor kid. And then he got more attention when he came back in again. RDA went to talk to him in person at the end of his session, so I guess everything turned out ok for the guy. Another funny moment was when he caught sight of the live video feeds on the screens behind him, taking the opportunity of the video pointed at the back of his head to hastily make sure his hair was right - "gotta be the most expensive way to see the back of your own head" he commented.

Then someone asked what the best stunt RDA had done was, which seemed kind of odd seeing Dan was sitting right there (which slightly makes me wonder if Dan prompted the question). Someone asked "would you let your daughter watch the Simpsons?" (yes - and Family Guy too, only with his finger on the mute button) and someone else asked about Dan Castellaneta (Homer) being on Stargate (it was a dream come true for RDA, as was being asked to appear in The Simpsons in exchange). Then someone asked "What's the name of the first dog in space?" (It's Laika) but the question had both RDA and the audience completely mystified... maybe it was some sort of joke, I dunno. "Like her"? RDA talked a bit about the difficulties of understanding the Australian accent too.

The woman who asked Chris Judge about 'Window of Opportunity' earlier asked RDA for his side of things, having to eat bowls and bowls of fruit loops. When asked what the best thing about 'Window of Opportunity' was, he immediately replied "kissing Amanda... in all twenty takes", but also admitted he liked riding the bike, later musing "kissing Amanda, with a mouthful of fruit loops... while riding a bike".

There was also a question about him being in Sanctuary ("I'd do it if they asked, but they'll never ask, because I'm American, and it's a Canadian production") more SG-1 movies ("I told them I'd lose weight only to be in another Stargate movie, but that probably won't happen") and whether Sam and Jack should end up together (his answer was along the lines of no, because it'd be against Air Force rules, and would so cheapen both their portrayal of the Air Force and the Air Force itself. Or something). Continuing in the weird questions vein, one person even asked if he was worried by the lack of security. RDA was a bit puzzled by that, commenting he'd never felt threatened by a fan. If anything, he added, we needed security to protect us if he ever decided to go mad. =)

I don't remember how it came up, but RDA plugged a series he'd made back in the nineties called Legend - a bit of research shows it starred John de Lancie too. He told us he really liked that series, and if we watched it we'd see why, but it got canceled (or something) after only thirteen episodes. One of the audience members then called out that it had aired in Australia ("Oh" he said bemusedly, "that's where it went") but I seriously don't remember seeing anything about another series with RDA. IMDB says it was made in 1995, which only just post-dates the original Stargate movie (1994) which means it slightly pre-dates my big interest in sci-fi (I would have been twelve at the time, though I did watch Stargate when it first came out in cinemas) but I'm still surprised I've never heard of it. Might be worth checking out, if I can find it anywhere.

RDA getting up


RDA ended the session by picking up his pile of things and returning them to his pockets, then taking photos of the audience with his own camera. Most of the audience was taking photos of him taking photos of us. Then he went to speak to and ruffle the hair of the kid in the front row, then wandered off to more rousing applause.


Autographs in full swing

Chris Judge signing

The last event of the day was the autograph sessions. Rather than sticking the actors back out into the hot and humid lobby and backstage areas, they moved the autograph sessions onto the air-conditioned stage itself. They started by drawing the raffles that were being run during the day, getting Dan Shea (who was the only one out on stage, sitting there looking lonely) to do the actual drawing - though I don't know if they chose him because he was there first, or if he was there first because he'd been chosen to do it.

I took half of my photos during the autograph sessions, because I could get right up close to them, standing at the front of the stage rather than right back at my seat, though I had to wait until there was a gap between people for me to do it, meaning I've got a lot of photos of people's backs or elbows or sheets of paper. Anyway, I've piled a whole bunch of photos at the end so you don't need to scroll past them to read this. For some reason, RDA spent the whole session wearing a panama hat - maybe the stage lights were too bright - and he was easily the most popular autographer, with his queue stretching right back into the lobby the entire time.

Chris Judge's autograph

Bethany and I eventually decided to chip in together and buy an autograph with Chris Judge so we could go shake his hand. It's $30 per autograph for most of them, so it ain't cheap. That's it above - I shrunk it down real small for you lot, cause we paid good money for it, so you're not getting the full-size version. =Þ Anyway, we spoke the usual pleasantries and shook hands, and retreated off the stage to lurk and take more photos.

As the crowds faded away, I eventually worked up the courage to approach David Blue and tell him about the UNSW Stargate, which I thought he'd find amusing, since he's one of us, and all. He did find it quite interesting, and it turns out the minder sitting next to him was also a UNSW student (or former student, I don't know) and corroborated my story (though I wouldn't be surprised if he promptly forgot). I also told Gigi Edgley (who was sitting next to him) that I loved Farscape, trying not to sound too much like a squealing fanboy, and she replied "thanks, so did I".

Later I approached Connor Trinneer to ask about the death of Trip. "I thought it was just a random death to make the final episode have some impact" I said, thinking "stupid, stupid, he's probably heard this a thousand times" but he agreed with me. Then we talked a bit about whether the new direction they'd taken in the last few seasons could have saved the show ("it would have needed a drastic change in fanbase" he said) and whether the new movie was any good (he thought it was ok, but never really knew much about the mythology behind Star Trek, and also acknowledged that you'd never be able to please everyone). Then I gave a nod and a wave to Dan Shea, and retreated again.

Bethany went to ask Claudia Black what she'd studied at UNSW (she replied she'd only been here three weeks) and then we both went to mention the UNSW Stargate to Liz as well - she was intrigued like David Blue was, and pondered going to take a group photograph in front of it, or something (though I wouldn't be surprised if she forgot when she went to do other things). I also asked how she managed to get a job like that - she said they're all volunteers, paid with autographs and photographs (but considering it costs the rest of us $150 just to get in, I'd consider free entry to be pretty good payment on its own, even without the autographs and photographs). We then talked a bit about how they get actors to come to these things - apparently they had too many interested in coming, and Liz had to turn some away. Apparently the guy who played an Unas in several episodes of SG-1 (and other full-body prosthetic type characters) was in Australia anyway and was interested in coming, but couldn't be worked in to the schedule.

When things got less crowded, Gigi started wandering around the stage, mostly talking to a guy standing offstage - I'm guessing a boyfriend? Either way, Bethany suggested maybe she was just as much a fangirl as the rest of us. I kinda wanted to go and be a fanboy at Ben Browder too, but he was always too busy, so eventually Bethany and I headed off to our respective homes. I bought an SGU t-shirt cause it was pretty (and cause the SG-1 shirt I was intending to buy sold out) and Bethany bought a necklace in the shape of a Stargate, and a photo of David Boreanas in Bones. The actors were all flown off to Melbourne for the Sunday convention. I'm curious as to how that went, considering Melbourne got hit by one of those hundred-year storms on Saturday.

Anyway, the day was very entertaining and funny. And informative. And I got to speak to them. Here are photos. Enjoy. =)

Drawing the raffle

Dan Shea drawing one of the raffles. The prize for this one is the Goa'uld control crystal being held by the Hub guy to the left. This was done while they were still setting things up, and everyone else was still backstage.

David and Claudia

After a bit, they were done, and the rest of the actors came out. Each was seated next to a volunteer minder who collected the autograph tickets. Not too bad a job, really.

Connor mugging

During the quieter moments, some of the actors would mug or pose for cameras. Here he's posing for the guy in the lower-right corner - I'm still in my seat at this point, so there's no way he'd be looking at me, though it does kinda look like it at first glance. =)


Every time I looked at Chris, he was laughing at something - clearly, he has fun. He also seemed to spend a lot of time standing up. Not entirely sure why.

Dan and Connor

Almost ready to start. I think Liz is giving instructions at this point.

David and Gigi

I wonder sometimes whether some of these actors have met before. David Blue and Gigi were put together on a table, but not only were they in completely different series, they also live in different hemispheres. So do they get to know each other in these sorts of things?

Signing autographs

Autograph signing in full swing. Chris laughing as he often was, while throngs of people with little pieces of paper and photographs for the actors to scribble on line up.

RDA and Ben

RDA and Ben were easily the two most popular (and most expensive), so their table always had people in front of it, making it tricky to get unobstructed shots of them. RDA's hat in particular made him a little unphotogenic, shading or blocking his face all the time.


Admittedly, David Nykl didn't have quite as long a queue as some of the other actors, though he did have his fans. More than Dan Shea, in any case, who often sat looking bored. Poor Dan.

David Blue signing

Yay David Blue. He's one of us. =D

Gigi talking

When not signing, the actors would have conversations with their minders. See, this is half the reason why it would be a real nice job.

Claudia signing

Claudia was also one of the more expensive and more popular, making her a little hard to photograph as well. She's got a real nice smile, but I found it tricky catching her using it.

And again

More Claudia.

David posing

David smiling prettily for me. I basically just stand in front of him when he's bored and he sees me taking a photo and poses. Then I waved at him.


Connor was also kinda popular.

Connor posing

This is my second attempt at getting a photo of him - he was smiling nicely for the first one I took, but their manager walked in front right at the moment I took it, giving me a photo that's half Connor, half tube dress.Dan posing

This is Dan Shea posing. I'm trying to work out if he's threatening bodily harm. =)

Ben signing

Ben signing. I wouldn't have minded an autograph from him, but yeah, I was finding it hard enough to justify $30 for an autograph, never mind $40.

RDA signing

RDA was $60, but that still didn't stop the majority of people queuing up for him. His hand's gotta be falling off by the end.


David Blue, taken from right up the back. People like him. He's one of us. =D


Chris Judge laughing some more.


Gigi signing an autograph

Dan talking

Dan Shea talking with his minder. I'm really curious as to what conversation they're having given the gestures he was making with his hands.

David signing

David Blue signing.



- Joel
el presidente
Sunday March 7th, 2010

P.S. The next Hub Productions convention in Sydney that's of interest to me is Star Trek on Saturday April 2nd 2011, but there's a couple of others in between - both not of interest to me (Twilight, True Blood, Supernatural) and not in Sydney (Sanctuary, other Star Trek). William Shatner's coming, apparently. Tickets apparently go on sale in July this year. We'll see.