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Hercules Street, Ashfield, Sydney, from an old postcard
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Email address: adhs@tpg.com.au
Postal address:PO Box 20, Ashfield, NSW, Australia  1800
The Society's Rooms are located in Thirning Villa, Pratten Park, 40 Arthur Street, Ashfield


The Ashfield & District Historical Society, Inc. was founded in 1973.  Its principal aims are:

    to promote an interest in the history of Ashfield Municipality by providing regular activities such as walks, talks and inspections relating to Ashfield

    to publish a book or journal each year providing articles and information on Ashfield's history for the information and education of members and the community

    to collect and conserve photographs, documents and information relative to the history of Ashfield Municipality for the benefit of members and the community

    to undertake action relating to the promotion of the history and heritage of Ashfield


The Society organises a program of lectures, visits, and other activities.  Members are kept informed through a regular newsletter.  The Society also publishes a journal, Ashfield History, as well as occasional books.

Regular Events

Ashfield & District Historical Society also organizes a number of regular events


Membership covers a calendar year.  The current membership subscription is $30 (full) and $25 (concession).  This includes a free copy of the book or journal produced by the Society during the year.

To join, print out the attached subscription form and mail it with your payment to the postal address above.


Ashfield & District Historical Society has a number of publications for sale including copies of its books and journals from previous years.

Research Resources

The Society's rooms are situated in Thirning Villa, Pratten Park, 40 Arthur Street, Ashfield (enter from western door).  From March 2010 our rooms are open on the Second Saturday and the Last Saturday of each month between 11am and 4pm.  Weekday visits can be arranged by appointment only.

If you have ever wondered about the history of your home or the lives of your ancestors who may have lived in our municipality, you would enjoy the opportunity to use the Society's resources to find out more.  The open days at the rooms attract a wide range of researchers including home-owners, university students, professional consultants, conservationists and those interested in their family trees.    Often on these days, an eclectic mix of stimulating personalities with a variety of interest topics provides great conversation and a wonderful opportunity to learn about the local history of Ashfield.

At the Society's rooms we have many resources that may assist you in your research.  These include:

A library, containing various published material, including most available books and reports on sites of local interest
A collection of over 800 local subdivision plans, all those held by Mitchell Library (microfiche)
Water Board plans of the municipality as it was in 1890 (microfiche)
Water Board plans, 1920s - 30s (hard copies)
Many loose plans from various sources
Ashfield Council Rate Books, 1872-1890 (microfiche)
Ashfield Council Minutes 1872-1920 (microfilm)
Ashfield Council Valuation Books, 1908-10, 1920, 1922-26 (microfiche)
Ashfield Council Building Applications 1909-1980 (microfiche)
Sands' Sydney Directories (microfiche)
Wise's Post Office Directory of Ashfield 1936 (hard copy)
Wise's 1904 Sydney & Country NSW Post Office Directory (CD Rom)
The Advertiser, 1888-1909, Ashfield newspaper (microfilm)
Ashfield Argus, 1924-1960 (incomplete, microfilm)
NSW Government Gazette, 1872-1970
NSW Register of Births, Deaths & Marriages (CD Rom)
Soc. of Australian Genealogists Rookwood, Macquarie Park, Waverley & South Head Cemetery Transcriptions (CD Roms)
ADHS Photographic Collection 

We have produced a guide to our collections and our research volunteers will assist you with your enquiries.  No charge is made for assistance given to members.  Visitors who are assisted in their searches are asked to make a donation or, better still, join the Society.  Consultants, real estate agents, etc., are charged prescribed fees.  Charges are made for copying, and any other disbursements.

We welcome all those who have an interest in our local history and heritage.


Ashfield Municipal Council

The Haberfield Association

ADHS is affiliated to the Royal Australian Historical Society

There are several historical societies in the municipalities surrounding Ashfield:

Canterbury & District Historical Society

Concord Heritage Society

Leichhardt Local History Group

Marrickville Heritage Society

Marrickville Heritage & History

Strathfield District Historical Society

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